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Commercial Real Estate: become distributor of an innovative marketing high-tech product!

Are you looking for a good business investment that will allow you to settle in the United States? OfCourseMiami presents to you the opportunity to become the distributor, in the United States, of a revolutionary marketing High-Tech product.

Description / Concept:

The Pod is a 3m x 3m x 2.5m “cube” in which images, videos or photos are projected on a 280 degree panorama creating a total immersion. The outer walls of the POD can also be used as advertising media.

The Pod is a totally immersive marketing solution, involving 4 of our 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell and touch.

This high-tech product is revolutionary and unrivaled in the world of advertising and marketing. After its launch in France during the international convention  “Havent Paris” the POD is now ready for the American market.

How much investment?

For an amount of $ 90,000, you will own a POD and you will hold a contract authorizing the distribution of this product for sale and lease on a protected and exclusive territory between your new American company and the French company that designed it.

This concept is eligible for an E2 * immigration visa. In the case of a visa application you will also have to rent a small office that can accommodate 3 people. We will help you in this process.

Once the owner of a POD and your distribution contract are signed, what will be your role?

  1. Prospecting (a prospecting client base will be provided) on American soil
    Signatures of contracts for sale and for lease available.
  2. Supervision of the assembly and disassembly of the POD (technical assistance will also be provided).
  3. Order tracking.

Who to sell or rent the POD?

For example: Here are some areas or places, for which the POD can be used, but the applications are really infinite:

  • Events in general
  • National and international exhibitions / shows
  • Airports, ports, train stations
  • Museums and Art Galleries
  • Administrations (Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
  • Tourism (travel agencies, tourist sites for the disabled, initiative unions)
  • Real estate (real estate agencies, sales offices for new constructions ..)
  • Shopping centers
  • Sport (live football matches, driving a formula, ski descents, training sessions …)
  • Video games rooms
  • Luxury brands and fashion shows (perfume, jewelry, fashion …) Etc …
  • Low investment (only $90,000 excluding legal fees)

Benefits of the investment:

  • Eligible for an E2 investor visa (reconfirmed by your immigration lawyer)
  • Secure Exclusive Distribution Agreement by American Business Lawyer
  • Business creation based on the distribution of an innovative product
  • Enjoy a market without real competition
  • Small storage area
  • Assistance and logistics provided by the creator / designer / founder company
  • Database of over 500 high definition videos available for rent
  • Direct contact with a local marketing expert (possibility of exclusive collaboration with him to enjoy an important address book during the launch phase)


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