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David Beckham’s ambitious soccer project in Miami – Welcome to “The Miami Freedom Park”

When soccer superstar David Beckham becomes an entrepreneur, he sees things in a big way, very big one!!!

A colossal project led by the international soccer star David Beckham:

David Beckham has acquired a soccer team in Miami 4 years ago. The name of the future team and its logo have been revealed during an official ceremony last month. The team will be called “Club Internacional Fútbol Miami” (also called “Inter Miami” for the fans). The new franchise soon will be playing in Major League Soccer by 2021.

David Beckham is firmly committed to introducing soccer to American culture. The former soccer star has for ambition to build a gigantic sports complex not only a stadium. The Miami Freedom Park should be located on a former golf course in the city of Miami.
The project includes a 25,000-seat stadium, a shopping and entertainment center that will house technology companies, a 750-room hotel, restaurants, offices, several soccer fields and green spaces equipped with outdoor sport equipments.

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Is this project approved?

In November, voters in the city of Miami will have the opportunity to make one of the least performing site in the city (the site in question is currently occupied by the Melreese Golf Country Club) in one unique destination for all the Miami residents. If approved, Miami Freedom Park will be the home to the new Miami MLS franchise and will also offer many benefits to the city. The initiative, led by international soccer superstar David Beckham and Miami businessman and entrepreneur Jorge Mas, is expected to create more than 13,000 jobs and generate more than $40 million in tax revenue for the city of Miami.

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Cost of this colossal project:

According to information from the Miami Herald, the achievement of this titanic project is expected to cost nearly a billion dollars.

It will be financed by private funds and will not cost anything to the Miamians.

Still waiting for validation, the construction of the complex will be subject to the vote of the Miamians. The City Council has already approved the project…the last step will be in November.

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