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IMG_1978Born in French Guiana on May 14th, 1988, Imara is a marketing lover who believes that creativity and talent can change the world.

Editor in chief of the website www.imara-medias.com that enlights the hidden sides of the show business world, she write daily news and Interviews of famous and talented international people.

She started to get into the medias industry as she was 19. She has been casted and selected to host a radio show in Guyane Première, national radio in French Guiana. Then, once she passed her english undergraduate degree,  she moved to Paris in 2008 to study radio journalism in the famous Studio Ecole de France, (STUDEC) as she wanted to become the first and youngest female local radio journalist in her born country.

Two years after she was graduated and decided to move to London where she studied written journalism. In 2011, Imara was back to Paris, as she has been offered a job as radio host, in a web radio Station called Starter.fm on the prestigious Champs Elysées. She quickly became one of the main radio host with her talk show Cast Me If You Can, dealing with castings tips, and showcasing famous French artists. As she was aslo very good with blogging and social network she became Marketing Manager of the web radio, and the official bilingual journalist who was in charge of the international artists interviews.

One year later, Imara decided to quit the radio and launch her own website,www.imara-medias.com. She became more and more famous, her website more and more viewed…. She interviewed, RedMan, Laquan Smith(Stylist for Rihanna, Casie, Tyra Banks), Keith Sweat, from the USA but also famous artist from Europe such as Alex Hepburn and Tara Mc Donald from UK or Célien Schneider from Switzerland… She hosted fashion shows in Paris, Tv shows and live Dj shows in France…

Today Imara lives in Miami, and joined the OFCOURSEMIAMI team and holds the position of Marketing Manager. Always with great passion, she now devotes herself to the field of Vacation Real Estate and Luxury Real Estate .