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Irma is gone : special congratulations to Miami public services!

We finally had more fear than real hurt. I am very thankful and I would like congratulate very warmly the American authorities that were prepared, united, and did a great job!
Crisis management before, during and after Irma was flawless. Although a lot of people are still without power or air conditioning, and many trees have been ripped off 🙁 we are D + 4 after Irma and the majority of shops and restaurants are open in Miami and Miami Beach.


There are definitely consequences to face, but nothing too dramatic, neither on Miami Beach nor on Miami ..

“The FPL teams starte to work just a few hours after Irma’s arrival and have been working relentlessly, day and night. All their trucks had been gathered in safe places before the announced weather and ready to intervene right after.

Governor Rick Scott, Mayor of Miami Carlos Jimenez and Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levin communicated in an extraordinary way on social medias, posting updates about everything on due time, and advising people, days before Irma, to go the shelters made available as plan B for more security.

Authorities are still on the ground today, offering solutions to accommodate and eventually feed the people of Miami without power and of course to the population of Key West who was the most affected.

I had decided, two days before Irma’s passage to stay at my house in Surfside, but I could not stay because I lost power during the storm. So, my husband and I “migrated” to Sunny Isle, and ended up staying at my son Alex’s apartment.

The radios and televisions were looped until Sunday (for us)) day of the hurricane.

My media preference was WPLG Local 10 / and Max Mayfield who was formerly Director of the National Hurrican Center who was commenting on Irma’s trajectory.

Once the TV cable was cut off, I used the MAX TRACKER app created by Max Mayfield on my phone, which I was able to use hour by hour to monitor the progress of the hurricane. This app, quite simply fabulous, allowed me to know with extreme precision the position of the eye of the hurricane, the winds force and Irma and Jose’s trajectories.

The day after the Irma’s landfall on Florida, I felt very grateful and reassured, knowing that we had escaped a catastrophe, so I made my bag to go back to my house in Surfside … Unfortunately, all the accesses to Miami Beach were blocked by police and remained this way during for 48 hours. As a matter of fact, our local authorities were positioned at all intersections, in order to control the flow of residents that would come back home, but also curious or ill-intentioned people. Great strategy, as it helped prevent against the plundering and maintained the safety of the residents, taking into account all the broken electrical lines that littered the ground.

Fire cans have been set up in all cities to this day. I have also experienced Hurricane Wilma in 2005 (more violent)and  I can only renew my compliments to the authorities of the State of Florida and advise for next time, if next time there is, in case of hurricane announced Category 5, 4, or even 3 to organize 1 week in advance to take a flight to other states not affected by bad weather.”

Brigitte Respaut Clement

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