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Art Basel 2017 | OfCourseMiami supports a young entrepreneur

This is our way of sharing our experience and bringing our contribution to those who need it: OfCourseMiami as a French Business Broker and Brigitte Respaut Clement, founder of this same brand, support, every year, for Art Basel, a special person, an original concept. This year, our choice is focused  on Gaelle Prince, and her startup N.Y.A.K.È. Concept. We selected Gaelle for her skills, the originality of her project, her determination and her kindness. We will bring our support to Gaëlle, sharing our knowledge of the Floridian and American market, our contacts in Miami, our marketing expertise and our energy so that her exhibition during the art Basel period leads to a success and an relevant accomplishment for the future development of its society.



This year, Gaëlle Prince has decided to chase her dream: Make the US fall in love with her ingenuous concept, and her resoluteness has paid off!

This young “Designers & Talents Hunter” will be coming to Miami this December with her beautiful smile as well as a suitcase packed with her latest discoveries,  a full of colors world, 8 carefully selected art pieces and her Designers’ newly released creations.

Surely, this creative concept and its founder Gaëlle Prince will be the hot topic of this Art Basel Miami 2017 with the “N.Y.A.K.È. ART BASEL EXIBITION” at Meraki Greek Bistro located at 142 SE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33131 in Downtown Miami.

Fred Ebami, Myriam Maxo, Alif King, Alexis Peskine, and Massira Keita will be the exposing Artists presented by Gaëlle.


That’s not all: a private close-out party will be hosted on December 14th during which an outstanding Afro-Caribbean fashion show will be held, celebrating diversity with French appetizers and wine tasting…

This will demonstrate Gaëlle’s savoir-faire: skillfully showcasing the art work of her favorite artists by adding movement, music, beauty and flavors.

Brigitte Clément, Founder of OfCourseMiami International Real Estate, convinced by Gaëlle Prince’s professionalism and determination will be sponsoring this event. Her team for the occasion will be composed of Imara, Marketing Expert and Fashion & Lifestyle blogger of The Magic City Living and Maeva L. , an internationally renowned Modeling Coach who will be coordinating the exhibit and the fashion show. Last but not least, the MPP Creative company will in charge of communication.

During this private cocktail, there will also be a raffle with high chances of winning two “French Box”, these pretty surprise boxes with fashion and beauty products from luxury French brands, to discover, test and adopt!

Gaëlle Prince Biography 

Gaëlle Prince, French born originally from Cameroon and Togo, is a 32 years old figurehead of what we call a “Designers & Talents Hunter”.

After she obtained her Bachelor Degree in International Business with a focus on Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle, Gaëlle carried out a 6-years working experiences in both Purchasing and Sales Export Management departments of worldwide well-known companies such as L’Oréal, Timberland and Chevignon.

Throughout the years, and constantly obsessed by the idea of opening one day her own gallery combining her love (she inherited from her parents) for the Afro-inspired art & culture, and her wish to support emerging Artists and Designers out coming of the French African-Caribbean diaspora based in Paris, Gaëlle initiated the N.Y.A.K.È. Concept back March 2016.

Since then, Gaëlle has successfully developed her network throughout Africa, Europe, the United States and Canada by personally meeting extraordinary talented Artists and Designers, emerging herself in their respective universes trying to capture the soul of their works, supporting them in their brand development, visiting their studios or handcrafting production workshops.


The “N.Y.A.K.È. Concept 

N.Y.A.K.È., whose name stands for “New, Young, Artistic, Kultural & Eclectic“, is the result of a fascinating quest carried out during two years of incredible adventures, alongside a group of French African-Caribbean Artists and Designers, eager to recreate a unique artistic world, reflecting their respective vision with multicultural influences

The collective then gathers mainly Paris-based Artists and but also other talented people discovered in London, Copenhagen, Dakar, the Caribbean and so on, a veritable melting pot in terms of origins, social classes and ages, conferring to the N.Y.A.K.È. its figurehead position on the Parisian scene in Art and Afro-ethnic Design.

Finally, N.Y.A.K.È. is a tribute to an eponymous person who inspired this project, Martine NYAKÈ-PRINCE, the mother of the Founder, who suddenly died 3 years ago of a rare disease.

The personality of this exceptional self-taught woman, pugnacious and great dreamer all at once, of her ideals and deep convictions about tolerance and unity of the worlds, have deeply influenced her daughter, Gaëlle PRINCE. These values, according to both of them, essential foundations of the construction of a better world for the next generations, have greatly contributed and motivated the creation of this original concept, a real crossroads gathering people coming from the four corners of the globe, respectful of their different origins and willing to empower each other while mixing their gifts and skills.



If you want to rsvp for the private cocktail and fashion show please contact us


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