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Sellers Guide

Seller’s Guide

Selling a home is a really important decision and not something to take lightly. As a Seller make sure that you are ready to proceed. If you are considering selling your home, below is a checklist to get you through the selling process and get the maximum return on your home.

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Selling a property requires extensive technique, knowledge and experience. Real estate professionals have the expertise to help you sell your home quickly, easily and for the highest price possible

Here is what a real estate agent will do for you:

  • Set the listing price of your house
  • Plan the selling strategy
  • Showings and open houses
  • Market your house for maximum exposure
  • Review offer to purchase
  • Make counteroffers and negotiate
  • Defend your best interests


What is Your Home Worth? Every reasonable owner wants the best possible price and terms for his or her home. Real estate prices can fluctuate quickly and widely, which is why it’s important to look at a number of sources to set the list price of your home.
A list price too low and you can lose tens of thousands of dollars. List too high and your home may never sell and afraid prospecting Buyers.


You can get more for your property, and sell it faster, if you prepare and stage the home in the best possible way.
Make any necessary repairs to your home before any showings. It also helps to touch up your home, including cleaning, carpet, curtains, painting, flooring, landscaping etc. These simple improvements can make for an incredible first impression to potential Buyers.


Seller’s disclosures are completed by the seller of any known issues and facts affecting the value of the property, as well as any works and upgrades completed during the time of ownership.
In Florida, the Seller is required to provide the Buyer with this disclosure a few days after acceptance. This information is useful, but is no substitute for an inspection.


The closing is an important day for you as a Seller. The final transfer of the property will take place once the funds were wired to the Seller and all documents to transfer ownership and possession of the property are free and clear. The Buyer has the right to take possession of the property on the closing date.