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About the MLS

What is MLS?

In the United States, each state has its own real estate database named MLS Multiple Listing Service – that lists every single property available for rental or for sale, as well as information about the sales history of those properties, and useful statistics. MLS is a comprehensive database that hosts a lot of precious information.

Le MLS c'est quoi?

When a realtor signs a listing agreement with a property owner, he or she must fill out a detailed technical data sheet as well as take a picture of the real estate property they are entrusted with. Once the listing is complete and up on the MLS, it can be accessed by any realtor acting on behalf of potential buyers.

Which means that for the majority of real estate transactions, there will be a listing agent as well as a buyer’s agent. However, in some occasion, one realtor might have to play both roles.

Southern Florida’s MLS can only be accessed by realtors who own a licence from the State of Florida. As you probably realised, all the properties on sale can be accessed by any agent, as opposed to the European system. Therefore, as a buyer, you will not have to go from one agent to another, since every realtor will be able to show you the same properties. We advise that you look for a trustworthy realtor before beginning your search.

You can have direct access to the MLS listings via our website by clicking on MLS Search or via other websites such as Trulia, Zillow or Realtor.com which display listings coming from the MLS.

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The Use of MLS

The main purpose of the MLS is to offer an effective way of sharing property listings between real estate agencies. The MLS database allows for quicker sales and is a great tool for owners and buyers alike who want to get an overview of the real estate market in Miami.